January 1, 2014

Dace B. Stubbs

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Dace B. Stubbs Family Fund

Dace Brown Stubbs grew up knowing the importance of giving back. This  appreciation for the blessings in life is the legacy of multiple Brown family generations. Dace and the other family members lead by example, finding causes important to them and seeking ways to support programs that effectively address their passions.

Dace considered establishing a family foundation as many of her friends had done. When the Indian River Community Foundation was formed, she learned she could accomplish her charitable giving goals through a donor advised fund with less expense and ongoing administrative burden.  Dace also had peace of mind knowing she would not be adding another responsibility on her children and future generations.  First, Dace and her husband, King, each became Founders of the Community Foundation by making a commitment to support its operating costs for at least the first five years. Shortly thereafter, Dace set-up her own fund at IRCF from which she makes the vast majority of her philanthropic gifts to this community and elsewhere.

“I have found the process of grant recommendations easy and efficient,” Dace said. “I make the funding decisions when the timing is right for me and the Community Foundation staff takes care of the rest.”  Dace has come to Vero Beach since 1985 and been closely involved in a number of organizations focused on education, land conservation and healthcare. She also supports Indian River Community Foundation’s unrestricted fund to ensure she is funding solutions to our county’s most pressing needs.  “My family has loved being a part of Vero Beach. There is so much energy from caring people who only want to further strengthen this place we call home,” Dace said.

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