April 20, 2020

Community Foundation, United Way, Local Donors Distribute More Than $413,000 from the COVID-19 Community Response Fund

As of April 20, 2020, United Way’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund has distributed out more than $413,000 to 18 local charitable nonprofits. Grants from the fund have focused on rent, utilities, food, baby needs, pets, and senior support assistance.  The comprehensive break-down of organizations and their usage of the fund are listed below by distribution date:

Distributions on March 25 – $176,500

  • Economic Opportunities Council – EOC has provided rental assistance to 29 clients. The remainder of their balance will continue to support individuals seeking rental assistance.
  • TC Homeless Services Council – TCHSC has provided utility support to 59 clients. The remainder of their balance will continue to support individuals seeking utility assistance.
  • United Against Poverty – UP has served 4,518 families in their Member Share Grocery Program and has purchased 291 pallets of products. The remainder of their balance will continue to support individuals seeking food assistance. 
  • Treasure Coast Food Bank – TCFB has served more than 2,000 households and purchased 207,691 pounds of food to continue to provide relief. 
  • The Source – The Source has provided 2,980 meals to clients. 
  • Buggy Bunch – Buggy Bunch has served 92 clients and has distributed 2023 diapers, 28 packs of wipes, and 10 cans of formula.
  • Care Net Pregnancy Center – Care Net has served 24 mothers with baby supplies. 
  • Food Pantry of Indian River County – Food Pantry has struggled to find food to purchase but have enough inventory for another 10 days. They will continue to attempt to source food. Food Pantry has provided 455 households with food distribution.
  • Salvation Army – Salvation Army has provided 392 clients with food assistance and over 200 meals to go. 

Distributions on April 2 – $77,500 

  • Senior Resource Association – SRA has provided assistance for 165 individuals with essential item deliveries and have added 43 new clients to their home delivery meals program. 
  • Humane Society – Humane Society has provided all foster pet owners with a weeks’ worth of pet supplies.
  • Halo No-Kill Rescue – H.A.L.O used funds to cover operating cost at one of their local adoption centers.
  • For the Love of Paws – For the Love of Paws has provided 255 underserved families with pet food. 
  • Healthy Start Coalition – Healthy Start served 7 families with diapers, wipes, formula, and CPR dolls to continue Infant CPR classes virtually.
  • Veteran’s Council – Veteran’s council has provided emergency rental and utility assistance to 16 veterans and families.

Distributions on April 13 – $98,500

Reports from organizations coming soon.

  • RCMA – Funds will be a variety of support for RCMA families including food, children’s supplies, and rental assistance.
  • Tykes and Teens – Funds will be used to support any special baby needs for families.
  • Treasure Coast Food Bank – Continued support.
  • TC Homeless Services Council – Continued support.
  • Economic Opportunities Council – Continued support.
  • United Against Poverty – Continued support.
  • Senior Resource Association – Continued support.

Distributions on April 17 – $20,600

  • Veteran’s Council – Continued support
  • Children’s Home Society – Funds to support children and families by providing outpatient mental health services through telehealth services.
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