July 1, 2024

Endowment Partner Spotlight: Indian River County Healthy Start

Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition’s mission is to establish and support a local system of care that optimizes the health of moms, babies, and their families living in Indian River County. The organization offers a network of care, support, and specialized classes and programs for every mother, every baby, and every family in Indian River County. Healthy Start works to ensure that every infant has the opportunity for good health and positive early learning experiences that unfold within strong family relationships.

Healthy Start's Parents as Teachers program provides parents of infants and toddlers with established and emerging research on how nurturing interactions shape a baby's mind and how this is essential for a child's success in school and life. Support starts during pregnancy and extends until the child’s 3rd birthday.


"My husband left for 6 months (for his job) 5 days after my daughter was born in the middle of COVID. I had postpartum “baby blues”, and two horrible rounds of mastitis, and was just terribly overwhelmed being a new single mom. In came Cathy and Healthy Start to save the day. She felt like a partner in this journey of motherhood. She was a sounding board for any issues and always came with developmental suggestions, advice, and support. Having someone who not only cared about the development of my child but also me as a mother, for FREE, was amazing! We continued in the program until my daughter reached three and aged out. We were both devastated to no longer have Cathy visits, but I know we have made a lasting connection and contact. Baby #2 is almost here and I know I can always call Cathy or Healthy Start with anything I need. That kind of support and comfort is hard to find. We are so very grateful to have had this program the last three years. I truly cannot say enough good things about Cathy and Healthy Start! If I could scream it from a rooftop daily I would!

Indian River County Healthy Start is also a part of our Endowment Partners Program (EPP).  The purpose of the EPP is to help local charities plan for their long-term sustainability by growing a permanent endowment fund. During a 12-month program, participants learn about endowments, planned giving, investment management and marketing solutions that inspire loyal donors to make planned gifts from their estates. The program is coordinated by IRCF team member Yamilet Cendejas.

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