December 2, 2020

Heal the Healers Now Program Helps Local Nurses with Stress

The Heal the Healers Now program, which focuses on Transcendental Meditation, is now available to local nurses at the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital. The first Transcendental Meditation course was recently provided to eight nurses at the Hospital. Through performing the courses, certified teachers Nancy Dudley and Sue Dudley were able to help local heroic nurses mange their stress.

The following are some words of gratitude from the nurses following the Transcendental Meditation course:

"Thank you so much for your generous contribution for this TM course for Nurses.  It has made a major change in the amount of stress I hold in my body, then before I took the course.  I really appreciate you."  

"During this time of Covid and missing the human touch, this class has been able to help me with balancing my emotions and stressors.  It has helped me with centering myself...Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn this valuable way to settle myself."  

The gift of the Transcendental Meditation course can be life-changing. Once learned, a student enjoys the benefits for the rest of their lives. The TM technique will continue to be offered to local nurses at the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital.

To contact the local women of the Transcendental Meditation Program, please click here.

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