July 19, 2019

Impact 100 Celebrate New Beginnings

 (Vero Beach, Fla.  – July 2, 2019) After more than a decade operating as a fund of Indian River Community Foundation, Impact 100 of Indian River County, Inc. is now operating as its own 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.  This development marks an important stage in the lifecycle of both organizations, which have emerged as two of the most active grantmaking organizations of their kinds in the country.

“Helping women to practice the collective act of giving is a popular activity at many community foundations,” said Jeff Pickering, Indian River Community Foundation’s President and CEO.  “Sometimes these efforts begin with a few generous women coming together to discuss where their pooled resources could help with a specific community need, and they remain small in scope and scale over time.  Impact 100 of Indian River has blown the doors off that model, however, growing their reach and impact beyond what is achieved in many larger communities across the country. I am very proud of what they have accomplished, and happy that the Community Foundation was able to help play a role in their success so far.”

Impact 100 of Indian River is a membership organization of over 400 women committed to improving Indian River County by changing our community in significant and meaningful ways.  By pooling the $1,000 donations of each member, Impact 100 can make significant $100,000 grants to local nonprofit organizations. 

“This powerful example of women’s philanthropy gives our members the opportunity to participate in transformational grantmaking to make more of an impact together than we could make on our own,” said Amy Acker, President of Impact 100.  “We have already awarded more than $4.1 million in transformational grants to local charities, and we are so excited about what the next chapter is for our organization. We are extremely grateful for the support of the Community Foundation’s leadership and staff during our formative years. They have provided invaluable advice and guidance.”

To learn more visit www.ircommunityfoundation.org and www.impact100ir.com.               


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