March 13, 2023

Introducing 2023 GuideStar Seals of Transparency 

Villanova University and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee researchers compared nonprofits that earned a GuideStar Seal of Transparency to those that did not. Nonprofits that earned a Seal averaged 53% more in contributions the following year than organizations with no Seal. The research also found organizations that elect to be more transparent had stronger performance across a range of governance, financial, and operational dimensions.

GuideStar, powered by Candid, is a tool for sharing your organization’s story and building trust and demonstrating transparency. The profiles are categorized into four levels in seals of transparency. Each seal is a signal for allowing your profile to become more and more rich with information. The Bronze seal is basic information so donors can find you, the Silver seal is brand details to guide funding decisions, the Gold seal is financial and leadership information to gain trust and support, the Platinum seal is goals and a measurement of results to highlight your impact.

Nonprofits can access their unique and sharable link to their full profile and post it on their website, online donation page, and social media accounts to highlight their work and attract funding from donors. They can also utilize their profile as the perfect handout to showcase their programs and impact for in-person meetings with funders.  This year, 501(c)(3) nonprofits who earn a Seal of Transparency may be eligible to enable and accept donations using Apple Pay, providing donors with an easy and secure way to support an organization they care about.

Claim your free Candid nonprofit profile and earn a 2023 Seal to showcase your nonprofit’s commitment to transparency, boost your online visibility to reach millions of potential donors, and provide your supporters with the information they need to fund you.  When you claim your profile and earn a 2023 Seal, Candid automatically shares your updated information with 200+ charitable sites, including, Facebook, donor advised funds, and Network for Good.  

Click here to learn how to update your profile.

For further assistance or questions, please contact Brooke Sauserman at or 772-492-1407.

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