April 17, 2024

IRCF Awards United Way $30,000 to support Access to Justice

Ryan Butler, Chiaka Nwosu, Nancy Luna, Toni Hamner, Lisa Kahle, Jeff Pickering, & Meredith Egan

On April 8, 2024, Indian River Community Foundation awarded United Way of IRC $30,000 to support their Access to Justice initiative.

Responding to the urgent need for accessible legal services, the United Way of Indian River County launched Access to Justice in partnership with the Clerk of Court, local judges, court administration, and county government. Located in the IRC Courthouse and United Against Poverty, the two Jeffrey R. Smith Access to Justice Self Help Centers provide free supportive services to self-represented IRC individuals who are in need of assistance for:

  • Family Law
  • Residential Evictions
  • Small Claims
Nancy Luna, Director to the Jeffrey R. Smith Access to Justice Self Help Center

The IRC Self Help Centers assist self-represented individuals who are in need of forms review assistance for court approved forms and general information about court process, practice, and procedure. Equipped with easy-to-use, confidential legal kiosks, affordable attorney consultations via Zoom, and assistance in navigating local procedures, the centers are specifically tailored to enhance access to the legal system for self-represented parties, utilizing both technological and in-person support. The centers have already assisted over 550 clients, underscoring their significant role in the community.

The Access to Justice Initiative goes beyond immediate remedies; it aims to develop sustainable strategies for expanding access to legal information and assistance, thereby reducing the demand for more intensive services. By enhancing judicial efficiency and promoting legal literacy, the initiative seeks to effectively address prevalent legal issues in the community.

Supported by various organizations and private donors, the Access to Justice initiative represents a significant stride towards fostering public trust, connecting with community resources, and, most importantly, increasing access to justice for all residents of Indian River County.

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