April 2, 2017

McCabe Foundation Starts New Chapter, Establishes Fund for Better Mental Health in Indian River County


Brett Hall (Executive Director, Mental Health Collaborative), Bob and Ellie McCabe, Jeff Pickering (IRCF CEO)

Indian River Community Foundation was one of several charitable organizations invited to a Luncheon and Legacies celebration on Friday March 17th to celebrate the end of an era as the Robert F. and Eleonora W. McCabe Foundation winds down.  Special grants totaling $670,000 were awarded, which included seed money to establish a new endowment at Indian River Community Foundation named The Fund for Better Better Mental Health in Indian River County.  The Community Foundation is honored that Mr. and Mrs. McCabe have decided to continue their philanthropy through a donor-advised fund.  You can read more about the McCabe's philanthropic legacy in this recent article.


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