August 30, 2016

Moonshot Moment Rallies Community Support

Moonshot Moment, Landing Page

Over the last three years, Indian River Community Foundation has awarded discretionary grants totaling more than $500,000 to support Moonshot Moment programs or projects.  We are proud of our association with the organizations featured in this article, and encourage you to learn more about helping to reach our community’s goal of 90 percent literacy by third grade.

Founded in 2009 by two parents and a philanthropist who realized the importance of literacy, The Learning Alliance is an organization committed to building the community's capacity to improve education for ALL children. Roughly 67 percent of America's children are not proficient readers by the end of third grade. The nonprofit is transforming lives through the "Moonshot Visioning Process," with an audacious goal of 90 percent literacy by third grade. This process has garnered support of over 70 community partners who offer their contribution in areas that align with their expertise and organizational mission.

Over the last seven years, The Learning Alliance has invested in building our community's capacity to get kids ready for kindergarten and reading on grade level by third grade. Backbone support includes the Moonshot Academy, which is offered in six of the 13 elementary schools. Students attending the transformative after school program have shown an average 50 percent increase in the number of proficient students. The transformational work of the Moonshot Movement has gained national attention, such as a PBS NewsHour special, and has received three Pacesetter Awards by the National Campaign for Grade Level Reading.

Read full article here.

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