October 25, 2023

The Hope for Families Center Launches Capital Campaign

For over 30 years, The Hope for Families Center (HFC) has been an integral part of improving the lives of families in crisis. The organization serves as the catalyst to get families back on their feet and provide the structure, education and resources to not only keep families safe today but to have the ability to provide for themselves for the long term.

The Hope for Families Shelter has launched a capital campaign to transform the way they partner with those in need. The expansion will double the size of their facilities, expanding from their current 21 rooms to 41, which includes the addition of 9 transitional apartments. This expansion is a direct response to the urgent need for emergency shelters in our community. The organization has already raised just over $4.2 million in funding for their capital campaign, bringing them closer to their goal of $5.5 million.

The first phase of the expansion involves a 20-room expansion to the Hope for Families Center which will create 41 rooms and bed space for up to 205 individuals to provide additional space for those needing crisis shelter (two to three day stays), emergency shelter (up to 90 days), and long term stays for participants who commit to the full program (up to one year). This will enable HFC to double the number of families served in a year!

During the second phase, HFC will build nine transformational apartment units on the empty parcel will replace Hope House. This will increase their capacity from two to nine families who will benefit from longer term supports, as they do the work to overcome the obstacles of homelessness for good. In addition, the organization continues to plan for sustainability as they grow a two-year operational fund will help ensure their programs are sustainable with the additional number of program participants.

The shelter program goes far beyond providing shelter and finding stable housing for our residents. During their stay residents must pass a drug test, learn financial literacy (obtaining credit scores, starting a bank account, creating a family budget), and use community resources to help create positive, lasting change in their lives. After they assist residents in securing affordable housing, HFC follows them for up to 24 months. These check-ins to guide and further support families are a crucial component of their proven model.

The Hope for Families Center is also a part of our Endowment Partners Program (EPP).  The purpose of the EPP is to help local charities plan for their long-term sustainability by growing a permanent endowment fund. During a 12-month program, participants learn about endowments, planned giving, investment management and marketing solutions that inspire loyal donors to make planned gifts from their estates. The program is coordinated by IRCF team member Yamilet Cendejas.

To learn how to give outright contributions today or bequests and other planned gifts for future support, please see “Planned Giving: Leave a Legacy” under our “Giving” section or go to The Hope for Families website.

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