March 13, 2024

Weekly Insights: Little Birthday Angels

In the 2022-2023 school year, the Florida Department of Education identified 554 homeless students in Indian River County. This is nearly a 31% increase from the previous school year. Little Birthday Angels brings hope to this population by providing a birthday celebration for every homeless child living on the Treasure Coast.

 Last year, Little Birthday Angels celebrated 788 birthdays, served 49 schools and shelters, and distributed over 25,000 wrapped gifts. This year the organization projects to serve 1200 homeless children, 49 schools, and 7 shelters/homeless organizations. Little Birthday Angels has also been able to add the monthly birthday parties back to their programming at The Hope for Families Center. The organization had not been able to consistently have parties since prior to Covid. These parties are an exciting opportunity to celebrate the birthday of children that month and have a complete party with all of the children at the shelter. The parties include games, crafts, a face painter, Jeremiah's Ice, cupcakes, and dancing with a disco ball. Little Birthday Angels will also hold parties once again at Samaritan Center beginning in April. If interested in becoming a monthly party sponsor, click here.

The Birthday Bags of Hope program delivers birthday bags each month filled with gifts to make a homeless child’s birthday special. These bags bring hope to children who might not otherwise be celebrated on their special day. For homeless children not living in a shelter, Little Birthday Angels connects with the school district's homeless advocate. The advocates share the name, age, gender, and birthday of the child. Then, Little Birthday Angels provide a large duffle bag, lap desk, toiletries, socks, wrapped gifts, and other essential items for each child. Placing everything into a duffel bag gives them something to keep their personal items in and provides privacy for them. Everything is delivered to the child by the school's homeless advocate.

This August, Little Birthday Angels will be celebrating 10 years of serving the homeless children on the Treasure Coast for their birthdays!

Click here to donate directly or consider sharing your birthday. Donations can also be made through your donor-advised fund by logging into MyFund or by contacting a member of our team at  772.492.1407 or

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