May 1, 2024

IRCF Awards Vero Beach Rowing $25,000

Vero Beach Rowing is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and teaching the sport of rowing to the community in order to develop physical fitness, personal character, and an ethic of cooperation through competitive and recreational opportunities. IRCF recently awarded Vero Beach Rowing $25,000 from the Community Enrichment Fund to support their program expansion.

The club’s goal is to bring the amazing sport of rowing to all residents of Vero Beach. Through their outreach programs, Vero Beach Rowing attracts youth rowers from all economic backgrounds and fees are abated for those who are in need. Approximately 50 percent of the youth rowers receive financial support.

Vero Beach Rowing offers coached programming to all ages. A central focus of their programming is serving high school and middle school athletes. High school rowers are coached 6 days a week, around 2 hours each time. The high school program also includes numerous weekend regattas that generally require travel, coaching, and 24/7 supervision. Several adult volunteers assist at these regattas as well. The middle school rowers are coached 4 days a week, around 2 hours each time. They also attend regattas, most of which are local, but some involve travel.

Vero Beach Rowing is also a part of our Endowment Partners Program (EPP).  The purpose of the EPP is to help local charities plan for their long-term sustainability by growing a permanent endowment fund. During a 12-month program, participants learn about endowments, planned giving, investment management and marketing solutions that inspire loyal donors to make planned gifts from their estates. The program is coordinated by IRCF team member Yamilet Cendejas.

Indian River Community Foundation’s discretionary grantmaking is aligned with a vision of a more healthy, prosperous, and generous Indian River County community. Grantmaking priorities are informed by the findings of the most recent community needs assessment and the most current data and information collected on Indian River Indicators. Grants from the Community Enrichment Fund are reviewed by a Grants Committee comprised of volunteers Suzanne Bertman, Pat Brier, Toni Hamner, Dale Jacobs, Wanda Lincoln, Dawn Michael, and Angelia Perry.

IRCF is holding informational sessions for nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations serving Indian River County who are interested in applying for a competitive grant. If interested, please call 772.492.1407 or email Brooke Sauserman to reserve your spot. Please read our Guidelines before registering.

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